GNC Lean Shake

A while back I did the Purium cleanse. It was great, but I do have to say that not eating for 10 days was pretty hard. It makes going out really difficult, working really difficult, and overall I need to cut back on my workout and stuff. So I’ve been doing the GNC Lean shake, which I feel tastes significantly better than Purium. I have to chill and chug Purium because I hate the taste. By day 7 I’m like, hey this isn’t bad. But that first part o the week is pretty damn difficult.

My favorite GNC Lean shake has been the Swiss or the Rich chocolate. Banana lean shake and Strawberries and Cream are almost too sweet for me to handle, and I have quite the sweet tooth that it has to be pretty sweet. I didn’t care for vanilla at all, that actually went into the trash mostly full.

So I’ve been following the directions of making the shake for two meals, I usually choose Breakfast and Dinner but have a small snack with both of them. I’ve been having cucumbers with a tablespoon of low fat cream cheese (garden vegetable flavor), an apple, or a banana. If I know I have a harder workout ahead I’ll drink my lean shake with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a whole grain wheat thin. Thus far I’ve lost 2 lbs. this week, which is lovely. Purium had me drop a ton of weight but I would love to be able to keep it off without a continuation plan. So losing 2 lbs a week is actually healthy and sustainable.

Cutting it down to one meal and choosing which meal is helpful because I can set it around my schedule. If I know I’m going out for an evening I’ll lean shake breakfast and lunch and eat at dinner. Moderation is, of course, something that everyone should keep in mind because you don’t want to overindulge on your one meal. Am I worried that I’ll put on the weight once I go back to regular meals? No not really. I think on days where I know I’m going to be eating a lot at some point having this as a back up for a couple days or a weekend will be helpful for me to detox and feel okay about my indulging. Happy Drinking!

Peanut Butter Lean Shake

Peanut Butter Lean Shake


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