Caffeine and Dietary Supplements

So Caffeine is a daily part of a lot of our diets. Whether just to wake up in the morning and get that jolt to get going or something that’s sprinkled here and there in our diets. In true picky eater fashion, I avoid a lot of caffeine. For those of you who know me, all of that annoying bubbliness and craziness is all natural, some of you have even had the enjoyment of seeing me on caffeine. And by enjoyment, I mean pure agony for those that aren’t me.

I once had 20 oz of tea, ran around the dorm for 3-5 hours straight, up and down the stairwells, getting sent from one person to the next, it was like being a whirlwind. By the time I could sit down, I read 100 pages of a book I was supposed to read for class in 20 minutes. And while that was a good thing, if I could somehow get to that point without the 3-5 hours of running around before hand, that would be great.

But so I’ve been studying dietary supplements, along with a ton of ingredients I can’t pronounce or even vaguely understand where it comes from, they have a lot of caffeine. The recommended daily is about 200 mg of caffeine, I believe most of the pills and supplements have about 200 mg of caffeine, along with your morning coffee/tea/soda, and you have easily exceeded your healthy limit for the day. Lucky for me, that if I choose to use one of these I don’t like coffee or tea because of the whole I can’t sit down thing after. But there are other reasons why I don’t use supplements. I tried once, lost weight and put it back on. So here’s the thing, those Hydroxycut, Oxyelite Pro (which I believe is under investigation from the FDA) and other products along that nature, your body adjusts to the ingredients. Your body comes to depend on those chemicals and adjusts, therefore, when you use them and you’re like, “hey, this product works.” You buy the next expensive jar of it and then it doesn’t. You’ll keep buying it in hopes that it’ll work again (Not to mention, for a good amount of these things they ask you not to use it for so many weeks in a row and wait like 3 months before starting it again-is that a good sign?), but it probably won’t honestly.

People have been telling me I should drink green tea with ginseng. First off, I don’t particularly like the taste of tea, I’d rather have water because tea just tastes like dirty water to me. Second, the caffeine thing, even if green tea has a relatively low caffeine rating.

Caffeine helps people lose weight due to appetite suppression, stimulating the digestive system to digest faster, and water loss. Be careful of that last one, caffeine will dehydrate you but to be healthy you should stay hydrated. I also believe that your appetite is there for a reason, if you’re hungry your body needs food. And you shouldn’t deny your body that. However, on that note, I think that many of us have fallen into the trap of making hungry and bored synonymous. When I’m sitting at home I do have moments where I go, am I really hungry right now? Or just bored? So I’ll do something and find out I was just bored. So before you eat your snacks ask yourself that. In addition, one of my vices is diet coke. And I’m trying to cut it out. But it’s what I crave when I’m thirsty. So I ask myself, do I really want a diet coke or am I just thirsty? I drink a large glass of water and if I still want a diet coke I’ll get one.

What I brought this on was I went to Teavana this weekend. First of all, they’re super expensive. 60$ for a half pound of shape-up raspberry tea. The guy behind the counter was like “Oh, it’s really good. I lost 25 lbs. this way,” he was not exactly a small guy still. When people tell me they lost a ton of weight, you do have to take into account how big the person is. I lost a lot of weight when I was 200 really fast by just doing elliptical for 30 minutes a day and now I can do that and not even stay at the weight I am now. So it’s relative. But so by drinking this tea I should lose weight? Expensive, sounds gimmicky and well, what happens when I run out of tea? I’m sorry this is so preachy, but I definitely believe in limiting our caffeine intake and losing weight via a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies come to depend on caffeine and can’t function without it, then it craves more. And that just doesn’t work for me. So I hope this helps, I’m not even sure if this qualifies as a food related topic but hey, informative at least I hope.


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I'm a picky foodie in training. I can't stop talking about food, so writing about it seems like a normal transition. There are so many foods I don't like, and that's a bit of a problem. I don't really know how to cook but I love to bake. So I'm on a culinary journey and I want to invite everyone to join me.
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