My return to Vegas

I was in Vegas in November for Thanksgiving, I recently returned with my boyfriend. My mission was to eat all the food I haven’t gotten to eaten before.

So our first stop was Hash House A Go Go, as seen on both Food Network (Chefs Vs. City) and Travel Channel (Man vs. Food and Food Paradise). We got the Sage fried Chicken and waffles. Just so we’re clear, I totally forgot about this, but bacon is cooked into the waffle. I repeat the bacon is in the waffle. Four waffles piled on each other, with two pieces of fried chicken at the top skewered by a stick of sage, covered with fried leeks and drizzled with maple syrup (Don’t worry syrup lovers, they also give you a little dish of more syrup). Fried Chicken and Waffles are my jam, I don’t like eggs so I don’t have a lot of breakfast foods I do like, but this combines the best of not just both worlds, but all worlds. The chicken was moist and juice, had a fantastic crisp noise when you broke into it. And the waffles, crisp enough with slabs of bacon just hanging out. All combined with maple syrup and you have a winning combination. We heeded many warnings and split it between two of us. Because of that we also allowed ourselves a side of crispy potatoes, which were good, just paled in comparison to whatever else we had going on on our tastebuds. It was all very intense, we got there around 9, just missing massive crowds, and we didn’t eat again until dinner.

As some people know, I’m not Bobby Flay’s biggest fan. I find him to be an arrogant jerk, something I’m sure he’s heard before so I don’t particularly feel bad about saying it. We went to Mesa Grill, located in Caesar’s Palace for lunch. I know he’s supposed to be known for his burgers and what not, so I ordered the Mesa burger, which came with seasoned fries. They bring a basket of bread to your table as you sit down, there’s raisin bread, jalepeno bread and corn bread. I’ve been having a corn bread craving for a while and his was jam packed with jalepenos and corn, which is nice, but it lacked that buttery good moistness I’m used to in cornbread. The regular Jalepeno bread was yummy. I even tried the raisin bread even though I don’t particularly care for raisins, it was good, nothing outstanding. Finally my burger came. And I was excited. The fries looked well seasoned, only to find out that they’re really well seasoned in the middle of the bowl but as you moved outwards it became blander. And there was no salt and pepper on the table, I understand the reasoning that if it’s cooked well you don’t need salt and pepper. But I kind of needed salt and pepper.  The fries were crisp and had a great crunch. The burger itself was very juicy. Cheese, onions, spicy mustard on the side, ketchup also on the side, trying to get the condiments in was a hassle so I ended up dipping smaller pieces. Overall, good burger, hearty, filling, comforting. Can I get a better one for less than 16$, Absolutely. HOWEVER, I will absolutely give Bobby this, that his staff is fantastically trained. Our waiter went out of his way to take pictures of our table for us, going up to the rotisserie, taking pictures from the level above us, etc. It was very nice of him, he even offered us a free cappuccino after finding out we’re college students (thus probably weren’t going to order it anyway because of funds). He took really good care of us throughout our meal. So good job there, Bobby but might want to have a look see at your food.

I’m almost done, of course I went back to Island Sushi and Grill for my local food. In fact we went twice. But I want to wrap this up for you guys! So We went to The Wicked Spoon, located in the Cosmopolitan, kind of tucked away from everything else. We went for their breakfast Buffet which is 22$ per person, not at all an awful price. It includes your choice of drink, including champagne, mimosas or a bloody mary. I’m not a drinker but I tried a bit of the boyfriend’s mimosa, while some would probably love it. I’m not one of those people. But the buffet I enjoyed. I tried to keep my head and only take little bits of EVERYTHING. One of the favorite things on my plate was the salted caramel pancake. It was a very subtle flavor but so good. In mini deep frying baskets (decoration only) they had fried chicken, recalling my good time at Hash House, I picked one up. The chicken was crispy and individual portion (I like when they do that so I can just sample) and so moist on the inside. Then there was the long line of sausages, homemade italian, chicken sausage, sausage patties, bacon, slab bacon, etc. It was overwhelming, I tried to take one piece of each. Slab bacon was a little bit more fatty than regular bacon, while I can see why people like it, it reminds me of ham, which I do not like but it was okay. Then buffets confuse me because it’s like they have no concept of time, next to the breakfast food there is also pasta in small dishes and pizza, sushi, chinese food and dessert. I really enjoyed everything I ate, got full really quickly. How I wish I had tupperware on me.
On to the more important part, the dessert. I had a molten lava cake sitting in its individual pot with caramel at the bottom. It wasn’t incredibly molten but it was so delicious. I practically licked it clean. I also had a chocolate covered strawberry which seemed to have toffee pieces on the side. Then a chocolate mousse inside of a chocolate bowl, topped with fruit. All of it was delicious. I even had a little bit of mango gelato from their gelato bar. Overall I can see how they would easily get crowded really fast. But they were amazing from start to finish.


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I'm a picky foodie in training. I can't stop talking about food, so writing about it seems like a normal transition. There are so many foods I don't like, and that's a bit of a problem. I don't really know how to cook but I love to bake. So I'm on a culinary journey and I want to invite everyone to join me.
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