I ate them before I could take a picture

My bad? You know me, but when I eat cupcakes all bets are off. I went to two cupcake bakeries today. Cake Couture (I also bought some Juicy Couture today too) and Let them Eat Cupcakes. Cake Couture was much better stocked but I didn’t care for many of their special gourmet flavors today (Mocha, pumpkin, pb & J, and black and white). I go for the plain flavors though, because I think it’s like starting at the basics, you need to do the basics good for the other flavors to be good. So I got a chocolate and vanilla (ate half of each, gave the other halves to my mom) from Cake Couture.

The chocolate was a tad dry but very good and spongy. The vanilla was a little bit bland, but I find that most vanilla cupcakes are. It can be a strong flavor but people are scared about it being overpowering so for the most part they’re a little under-powering. For both cupcake the frosting was amazing. I think it’s part of what separates a cupcake from being a muffin. The frosting on the chocolate was garnished with little chocolate sprinkles. But it gave the cupcake the moistness it needed. And the vanilla was really sweet, almost overly so, but it complimented the vanilla cupcake well (garnished with blue sand sprinkles). They’re beautifully made and are pretty good in tastes, it was pretty filling for a cupcake as well. Better than Kickass Cupcakes in Boston.

Over at Let Them Eat Cupcakes, there were probably a little over a dozen cupcakes left and we went in a little after noon. Intense right? Selling out so fast. I had an instance where I was horrified because all I could see were empty cupcake stands. All that was left were couple dobash cupcakes, double chocolates, snickerdoodles and one last red velvet. So far I’ve eaten the double chocolate and half the snickerdoodle. The double chocolate has a white frosting with some chocolate shavings as a garnish. But the cake itself is chocolate with chocolate chips inside. It’s extremely rich but very good. It’s more moist than the cupcakes from Cake Couture. I almost prefer that if they’re going to call it a double chocolate that they just go all out and make the frosting chocolate as well. It does provide a taste variation to give white frosting, but the people that are going to order the double chocolate like chocolate and won’t mind a chocolate overload. The snickerdoodle was cute, it’s a little tan cupcake with a tiny, itty bitty cookie on top. The frosting was so light. It was whipped wonderfully, it did remind me of whipped cream with cinnamon in it since it was so light. I liked the play with texture here after eating such dense rich cupcakes from Cake Couture. If only they could figure out a way to keep some of the other cupcakes on the shelf long enough for me to have more. On my way out I noticed some colorful things in the corner, upon closer inspection it was a sprinkle bar! Genius! I love it! Seriously, for adults that think sprinkles are overrated, find the kid in you and embrace them. They’re fun, pretty, and pure sugar, what’s not to like?

If I had to choose one to go to again and again and again, I think I’d give it to Let Them Eat Cupcakes. But since I have to make no such choice, I won’t.


Let Them eat Cupcake, red velvet and Dobash, haven't eaten all of them yet


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