Roy’s Restaurant

We went to Roy’s last week for my sister’s birthday. The entire time I was on pins and needles because we’d be going to Harry Potter afterward. And since it was the midnight showing I felt as if I was in a rush because if we didn’t leave early we’d never get a good spot in line so it was important that we have an efficient dinner, basically in and out to the best of our ability.

The food was okay, keep in mind I’m a picky eater but still it was okay. Nothing I would find too amazing, but the problem with that is that it was supposed to be amazing.

One of my first problems was the menu. It’s really vague. It covers the basis of the protein and the sauces but I had to ask about what starches come with the meal. I like having a starch with my meal and I found it kind of annoying that I had to ask to find out what comes with it in case I didn’t like it. I was worried because it had a parsnip puree and I wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be the starch of some sort. Turns out Polenta comes with one, another one comes with potatoes, etc. You have to ask about what exactly each meal has to go with it which made me feel stupid and was also terribly inconvenient.

For an appetizer I split a cold tofu salad with my mom. It had bonito flakes and a kakimochi type topping on top of it. The shoyu mixture in the corner of the plate was really good. It had a sweetness to it that regular shoyu does not have and it was part of the meal I really enjoyed. We got a couple free appetizers and other appetizers. But since it was crab cakes or sushi with avocado, it didn’t go over very well for my picky palette.

I ate the chicken with pesto sauce on top of mashed potatoes, I requested it after finding out that it was on top of polenta. It was good, a little bit on the dry side. It was nothing special. Just cooked chicken with sauce. But I just utilized a lot of the sauce to temper the dryness. My favorite part, like other people was the chocolate souffle. Souffles are not an easy dish to make and our waitress did warn us that we’d have to wait about 20 minutes for it so we ordered it early. The warmness of the souffle and the cold ice cream is a fantastic mix. It did remind me of many different molten chocolate cakes. If not a little drier than I’d like it, but combined with everything it was really delicious.

For a lot of the meal I was wondering, “where the heck did our waitress go?” Our meal took so long to order, to come and eventually be taken away. I expect the best of everything when I eat at a restaurant of this caliber. Especially service. I feel as if service can make or break a meal. I hope that if I come back in the future that they fix the small issues I’ve had. For the price I really want the bang for my buck.


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I'm a picky foodie in training. I can't stop talking about food, so writing about it seems like a normal transition. There are so many foods I don't like, and that's a bit of a problem. I don't really know how to cook but I love to bake. So I'm on a culinary journey and I want to invite everyone to join me.
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