Grand Cafe and Bakery

Grand Cafe and Bakery is located at 31 N. Pauahi Street.  They boast a small but good menu of American cuisine in Chinatown.  It’s run by two cute little old ladies, ex school teachers, and they’re adorable.  I don’t know how they are during the day but unfortunately on a Friday night they didn’t have much business.  They’re open from 5:30-8 and when my sister and I arrived a little before 6 they were empty except for us until a little after 6:30 and that was only because 2 other people showed up.

The decor is very homey, sunflower curtains, yellow flowers on the table in small glass bottles for vases.  We were waited on by the little old ladies, who very much remind me of my own grandmother.  They’re very sweet and caring.

The menu has a pasta dish of the night, short ribs, appetizers and a catch of the day special.  The menu may be small but it’s good.  Just because there are 90 items on a menu does not mean that they’re all good, so quality is better than quantity.

My sister and I split the pea salad.  My sister doesn’t particularly enjoy peas but she enjoyed this salad.  It was peas with a ranch (but not ranch) like dressing with bacon, greens and nuts.  My sister ordered the short ribs, the sauce on the meat was fantastic.  The meat fell apart in your mouth and was very tender.  I ordered the pasta of the day which had some type of wine sauce with shrimp, artichokes, zucchini, mushrooms.  If you’ll notice there is quite a bit of vegetables I don’t eat but I ate the zucchini and braved a mushroom.  The mushroom had a hard time going down.  But overall the sauce was flavorful and went well with everything.  For dessert my sister had the lemon pound cake with strawberries and I had a chocolate brownie sundae.  Her lemon cake was wonderful.  It was moist and was paired nicely with the tartness of the strawberries on top.  The brownie was warm and topped with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream.  It was your usual brownie sundae you might order but it just seemed so sweet coming from Grand Cafe, like someone in your family made it for you.

The atmosphere really makes you feel like you’re home.  The staff is nice and the food is good.  It can be a little pricey, but really you’re paying for the entire experience, not just the food.


Tuesday-Friday 7:30am-2:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am-1pm

Friday & Saturday 5:30pm-8pm


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