So I’m in Cali now.  Last night we went to Baby Blues BBQ.  I can’t say that it was as good as Redbones because I am in love with Redbones.  But it was good.  We got a rack of baby back ribs and two sides.  The baby back ribs were tender and falling off the bone.  I liked that but they seemed a little dry that they needed the sauce to make it better.  But the sauce was fantastic.  In traditional picky foodie fashion, I had the sweet sauce because anything spicy was just not going to agree with me at any point in life. Then our two sides were mac n cheese and creamed spinach.

Both sides were wonderful but at the same time, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a creamed spinach dish that looks like that.  It was just full spinach leaves in a type of garlic broth. The mac n’ cheese was great though.  It was cheesy like I have not been able to get my mac n’ cheese to be like.  I tried to figure out what type of cheese they used and it was difficult.  It was definitely part cheddar.  It was topped with a little bit of baked bread crumbs.  Overall, it was delicious.

Speaking of crumbs…haha that was bad.  I revisited Crumb Cupcake Bakery here.  Last time we met it had been in New York.  I had the Boston Cream Pie cupcake and the Cookie Dough cupcake.  They were sweet and had creamy fillings.  The oversized cupcakes cost the upwards of 3$ and the regular sized ones are 3$.  These cupcakes are moist and fluffy.  And the frosting had the thick consistency of pudding.  For some reason though, when I had the chocolate frosting on the Boston Cream Pie cupcake, and I was the only one that tasted this, it tasted like sesame.  It was a very light undertone but it had a very soft sesame taste.  Perhaps the frosting was just too strong but maybe there was a little bit of sesame in it, who knows but either way there wasn’t much to complain about.


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I'm a picky foodie in training. I can't stop talking about food, so writing about it seems like a normal transition. There are so many foods I don't like, and that's a bit of a problem. I don't really know how to cook but I love to bake. So I'm on a culinary journey and I want to invite everyone to join me.
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