Alcohol Part 1.

This will be brief.  I had my very first alcoholic drink last night.  A Lychee martini from Samurai Boston.  It tasted like cough syrup.  I love lychee so it’s a little disappointing that I didn’t like it.

I can’t handle my alcohol.  This is what I learned.  I wasn’t falling down completely drunk but my face was burning, as was my neck, and even my shoulders.  I didn’t even drink the entire drink.  This is going to be a problem later tonight.  However, this phenomenon I experienced is common within Asians and Native Americans.  It is more commonly referred to as “Asian Glow.”  Asian glow basically means that the person is missing an enzyme (acetaldehyde dehydrogenese-acetaldehyde is found in alcohol so this is also called alcohol dehydrogenese) that will digest the alcohol, giving a tiny (not to worry about) allergic reaction.

I know that over time this reaction will change because clearly people are drinking in the world and enjoy it, but tonight is round 2 and we shall see how it will go.


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I'm a picky foodie in training. I can't stop talking about food, so writing about it seems like a normal transition. There are so many foods I don't like, and that's a bit of a problem. I don't really know how to cook but I love to bake. So I'm on a culinary journey and I want to invite everyone to join me.
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