Return to Boston Burger Company

This has been my third trip to Boston Burger Company.  What makes this time different however, is the fact that I tried something new.  *pause for dramatic gasp*  I had the Killer Bee.  The Killer Bee is one of their new burgers, it is topped with cheese, bacon, beer battered onion rings, and covered with honey barbecue sauce. Can I just say that this thing was a monster?

The Killer Bee

Basically to eat it the onion rings had to come out and be eaten on the side.  But the onion rings were also not the best part of this burger.  They were still relatively crunchy like it wasn’t cooked thoroughly enough.  And seeing as how I don’t like onions, it’s a huge turn off for me.  The sauce was mostly on the onion rings, but I kind of liked it better that way because the burger didn’t sop it up so in a way I got to choose how much sauce was actually on the burger.

So Sashi is the real daring one in this relationship.  He got the artery clogger (see the previous post: Burgers Galore).  The novelty of this one is that it’s a beer battered deep fried burger.  It doesn’t change the taste all that much.  It was just kind of there.  I mean I only had one bite and worried about fitting my mouth around the entire burger but it happened.  Sashi seemed to enjoy it thoroughly but he said next time he’s getting a different burger just because there are so many special burgers (there are now 24 instead of 22!).

The Artery Clogger

Of course, we had to order the garlic Parmesan french fries.  They are fantastic and i always want them, so I’m glad I got my wish fulfilled.  Hooray new experiences!  Huzzah old experiences!


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