Spoiler: Top Chef

Jamie needs to go home.  She doesn’t really do anything right.  She should have gone home last episode actually.

This episode the quickfire was to make a great dish in under 8 minutes and 37 seconds because that’s what Chef Tom Colicchio did.  Marcel, even though I do not like him, was fairly smart in this round he ran away from the rest of the group to grab the ingredients Tom did not use but already had out.  However, Mike Isabella was declared winner.

The chefs had to cook several dishes for a Dim Sum restaurant.  For those of you that don’t know what Dim Sum is it’s almost like finger food that you get at a restaurant that people push around carts and serve you food from those carts.  However, the service at the Top Chef restaurant was almost so bad that the people started grabbing the food themselves or worse, leaving.  Personally I love Dim Sum and when we go we have speedy service and we order a lot of food because typically one dish has 3-4 pieces of pork bun (char siu bao), shrimp dumplings (hargow), Pork dumplings (shumai), etc.  So you have a lot of plates and a lot of food.  They focused a lot on presentation when I don’t think they should have.  Simple may be easy but it’s definitely the way to go in a high demand restaurant like any Dim Sum restaurant.

SPOILER: The winner/who was kicked off:
The winner was Dale.  Rightfully so, he has a little more experience in this type of challenge than others.  He did two dishes and they came out wonderfully.  They were simple and had a good deal of Chinese influence.

Casey was asked to “pack her knives and go.”  Again, it should have been Jamie because last challenge she skipped out on her own meal because it wasn’t ready.  She made two bad dishes where most of the problems can be traced back to her.  Casey was working the floor and left her dish to Antonia.  Personally I would have left it with Angelo or Dale.  Someone that is more likely to accomplish the dish with quickness.  What was inherently wrong with her dish is that she cooked Chicken feet the wrong way.  She didn’t cook them thoroughly enough so they were almost rubbery.  So a lot of it was left uneaten.

That was the recap of the Dim Sum episode.  Can I just say at reunion it will be a big drama-fest?


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