Cat Cora speaks out on Gay rights

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Being a “freak” as some people would like to call us is hell on earth. Straight kids have no idea how much it sucks. One trauma can break you and change life as you know it, and you are gone forever.

Cat Cora is the first female Iron Chef.  She has done extremely well for herself and is a lesbian.  I haven’t really heard her speak out about her sexuality before but it would seem that this is a little too much for her to handle.  Cat Cora is amazing.

This is what happened to Asher, Jaheem and Tyler. There is evidence that Asher and Tyler were gay and Jaheem was called gay, a word he was confused by. Who cares? They were human, someone’s child, someone’s grandchild, nephew, brother, friend. I want to weep as I write this for our lost children. I want to scream for the 12 year old who shoots himself, an 11 year who hangs himself with a belt and an 18 year who jumps off a bridge. Why don’t our kids feel safe? Why? America, parents, teachers, friends and role models, we have to do better for the children of the world.


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