Boston Burger Company

I fully realize that I must have like no followers at this point because I’ve recently disappeared off the map.  However, I have to say that I am here to make up for it.  I have so many experiences at so many great restaurants lately that I have to fill anyone who wants to hear about it in on it.

Today I went to Davis Square and ate at The Boston Burger Company.  Now, I’ve heard good things about them, but never actually tried them.  I can now say first hand that they may be the best burger I’ve ever eaten in Boston.  I’m a minimalist when it comes to my burgers.  Ketchup, mustard, lettuce, and pickles.  Being a minimalist means that this burger really has to shine without the accessories.  And shine it does.  The bun was toasty and firm while the burger was juicy but didn’t saturate the bun.  The lettuce was a little bit sad looking but the fabulousness of the melt in your mouth burger made up for it.  What really pushed Boston Burger Company over the top was the french fries.  All of the french fries are obviously homemade, none of this out of the bag into the fryer nonsense, homemade.  Delicious.  They give a variety of french fry options.  We tried the classic and the Garlic Parm.  So the classic was of course, just plain french fries.  Crispy, well seasoned, big; everything you want in a fry.  But the garlic parm takes it one step further.  They’re tossed with some garlic and Parmesan cheese but even though both have strong flavors they don’t overpower the french fry.  They compliment it, like any good relationship.  It makes the crispiness of the french fry really stand out because the flavor is just so much bolder.  The garlic is diced and not from a jar.  I can tell because it’s dry, when it’s from a jar and preserved the french fries become saturated because of the juices.  These french fries were delicious, but I’m sorry to say (no, I’m not) that this was not the only culinary interest of today.

Garlic Parm Fries

Boston Burger


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I'm a picky foodie in training. I can't stop talking about food, so writing about it seems like a normal transition. There are so many foods I don't like, and that's a bit of a problem. I don't really know how to cook but I love to bake. So I'm on a culinary journey and I want to invite everyone to join me.
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