And How Would You Like Your Human Cooked…

Ew, Ew, Ew!  So in Berlin, Germany there is a new restaurant that wants to start a new dining movement, cannibalism.  Again, I reiterate, ew.  I can only hope that this is a hoax. There have been advertisements in the newspapers requesting body parts from donators.  I’m all about trying new food, but really there is a limit.  Really, would you be perfectly okay with offering up your body parts for someone’s culinary experience?  And when do they get it?  After you die?  Or do they amputate it before you die?

The Guardian reports:

In a prominent advertising campaign on the internet, in German newspapers and on television, the restaurant, Flime, is appealing for willing donors and diners to become members of what it hints at being a new dining movement.

“Members declare themselves willing to donate any part of their body,” the advertisement reads, adding that any resulting hospital costs will be taken on by the restaurant. They say they are also looking to employ an “open-minded surgeon”.

The location of the restaurant is being kept secret, making me hope sincerely that this is indeed a hoax.  I know that we have some cultural differences, but really doesn’t this seem to be overstepping those?  Protests have broke out all over Berlin because of the advertisements and the thought of there being a cannibalistic restaurant.  If this is real, worst case scenario, can you imagine anyone donating their body parts?  Or eating the body parts for that matter?  So, let’s just hope this is a very bad hoax.


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I'm a picky foodie in training. I can't stop talking about food, so writing about it seems like a normal transition. There are so many foods I don't like, and that's a bit of a problem. I don't really know how to cook but I love to bake. So I'm on a culinary journey and I want to invite everyone to join me.
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