You and Your Wait Staff

A food blog should not just be based on what I have eaten or made recently.  What makes a good food blog is the stories I have to tell about food, about what I love about it, what makes it special and how you can feel this passion for food too.

Food is universal, everyone has to eat; everyone has his or her own story.  Food brings people together and forces them apart.  For me, I could never date someone that treated the staff at a restaurant badly because it says that he must be a rude individual and I can’t take him out with my friends.  It’s embarrassing to have to deal with those fussy types.  Some people find it perfectly okay to take out whatever they’re feeling on their wait staff but it isn’t their fault.

I once went to dinner with someone who insisted that it was okay for someone to send back a meal because it wasn’t what she hoped it was.  It was well cooked, just not what she thought it was.  Sending back food just because it isn’t what you thought it was just makes the people behind the kitchen doors want to spit in your food.  Reading the description of a meal is tricky.  It may sound like one thing but be something entirely different.  Recalling a meal you think you like, only to find out it’s not that meal or you no longer like it is no reason to send back a meal.  Those factors lie solely with you, not your wait staff or your chef.  So in other words, don’t do it unless you like that sort of thing.

People in the food industry are just that, people.  They eat, breathe, and feel just like you and I.  However, just because they have a job that’s meant to make your dining experience a pleasant one does not mean that they live to serve you.  And when something goes wrong, don’t tell them that “it’s their job,” even though it is.  Be the bigger person when they get angry about whatever it is that you’re angry about.  Speak clearly and try to make sure that what you want is communicated in the nicest possible way.  While it may be their job to get you food, cook the food and clean the table that does not make them any lesser of a person.  They are working for their money and working hard for their money.  Maybe you get your money by cheating people, which in my eyes make them a far better person than you.  Don’t treat them like sub humans, you never know how that may come back to haunt you.

Rules of the Trade:

  • You order a certain food.  It’s cooked fine, but the meal itself is not what you thought it was supposed to be.  Suppose you accidentally ordered the chicken parmesan instead of the eggplant Parmesan, that is not your waiter or your chef’s fault.  That is your own fault. Sending something back because it’s severely undercooked or undercooked (or even overcooked) to your liking.  If you ordered well done and your steak is bleeding, we have a problem.  It’s not what you ordered and perhaps in some cases even dangerously rare.
  • Leaving a small tip throughout perfectly good service just because you feel like it.  Leaving a small tip if your waiter or waitress is negligent, rude, or otherwise discourteous.
  • Completely being rude to a waiter/waitress because for some reason you think that “it’s their job” to do everything in their power to make you happy.  (This may be somewhat true, but you can’t expect them to go completely out of their way.  Your waiter/waitress has other tables to tend to as well.  His or her world does not revolve around you and you alone.)
  • Overreacting over a spill.  Spills happen.  If they ruined your clothing I’m sure the restaurant will cover the dry cleaning bills (if not, by all means freak out).  If it’s something hot, if you’re fine and don’t think there’s any major damage, let it go.  Accept the apology and hope for some sort of gratification which I’m sure is coming (a free meal, discounts, if it’s really bad even paying for hospital bills)
  • They messed up your order, you throw a fit.  Acting like a child never got anyone their way.  So, if there is a miscommunication about orders, politely inform them that is not what you requested and send it back.  Don’t throw a fit it just degrades you.

Do what you were taught in Kindergarten, think about how the other person feels.  You don’t know their back story and what’s going on in their life and how difficult it may be.  The rules should be they’ll try to be professional and you’ll try to be polite.  Of course there are those horror stories that you don’t even know where that person got off, but hopefully that’ll be your only one for a good portion of your lifetime.


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I'm a picky foodie in training. I can't stop talking about food, so writing about it seems like a normal transition. There are so many foods I don't like, and that's a bit of a problem. I don't really know how to cook but I love to bake. So I'm on a culinary journey and I want to invite everyone to join me.
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