Puka Dogs

So if you don’t watch Anthony Bourdain, when he came to Hawaii he visited a place called Puka Dogs.  So it’s a hot dog that is inserted into a bun through a puka, or hole.  It is not simply placed into a bun that opens up like a sandwich, it’s an entirely new twist to the classic hot dog.

When you first walk in it’s a fairly small shop.  You order pretty immediately.  There are three steps, you choose between a Polish or vegetarian hot dog.  You then choose a lemon garlic butter and its intensity (mild to super spicy or something like that- 4 levels in all).  You can then put either the normal condiments or a specialty relish, so I had mango relish, but you can also have coconut, star fruit, banana relish or papaya relish.  You can also add a lilikoi mustard which they recommend with the coconut relish.

I had the mild lemon garlic sauce with mango relish.  I know, it sounds kind of gross.  Fruit purees in a hot dog?  I know.  I was a bit wary as well.  But I also have a love for sweet and salty flavors in one.  I love having different flavors combine to create something entirely new.  Also the fact that this is something completely new brought to the table, I’ve never seen anything like this.  So the fruit wasn’t an entire turn off to the spicy-ness of the polish dog and the sauce.  The only problem I had with eating the Puka dog is that because it was so big I really had a hard time fitting it into my mouth.  It was really quite difficult to fit all those flavors into my mouth at once but I have to say they have thought of an ingenious way to make it convenient to get so many flavors into a meal that you can hold in your hand.

Puka Dog

Oh, and for the locals out there, there’s a kama’aina discount.


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